Hello and welcome to Synthesis Coaching Philadelphia, an organization here to support you in your exploration of Psychosynthesis as it applies to coaching. Psychosynthesis will help you look inward to develop self-awareness and will and coaching will teach you how to be with others as they explore their inner landscape and choose new vistas for their future. We believe you can achieve your personal and professional goals with Psychosynthesis coaching, and enjoy a new outlook on life.

We are now an approved training organization offering BCC Coaching Certification in our Psychosynthesis Coach training program as well as BCC CEU hours in our workshops!


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A practicing corporate coach at a large international pharmaceutical company since 2013, I am an ICF (ACC), and BCC certified coach. I've worked with clients from across the globe, in various roles and levels of responsibility. All have one thing in common; they are all ready to look inward as a way of changing how they interface with the world and thinking about the shadow their leadership casts both within their organizations and outside of work. They are ready to explore and invest in themselves, in their own true, authentic, and unique voices. What emerges? Connection with Self, compassion, happiness, perspective, and new, real choices. Are you ready?



I have been a corporate coach for 5 years in a major pharmaceutical company. I love coaching. I like helping people by supporting them in their personal and professional growth and I love helping them make discoveries about themselves and what they can achieve. The practice and applications of Psychosynthesis have changed my life significantly for the better and it is such a pleasure to bring the tools and practice of Psychosynthesis and coaching to an appreciative audience.


“Coaching is an art; a calling; a discipline. It requires vision, focus, self-awareness and self-reflection. A coach needs to be passionate
about development and growth and about the potential of all people.”

Anne Welsh, A.P.E.C.S. accredited executive coach and supervisor

“Working as a corporate coach enabled me to help professionals with their careers and personal development. Becoming a Psychosynthesis Coach took me to the next level both in my personal life and in my professional impact.
Psychosynthesis provides tools to grow as much inwardly as outwardly. We can't give what we don't have.”

Julie Rivers, IFC certified professional coach (ACC), BCC certified

“I find in my coaching practice having Psychosynthesis training is essential. When a client is struggling, stuck and/or unable to move forward, applying the tools and processes learned in Psychosynthesis training helps move the client to sustainable action.”

Kendell Hardy, HR Business Partner to Office of CEO & Office of Group President at Kaiser Permanente


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Roberto Assagioli

“We are dominated by everything with which our self is identified and we can dominate and control everything from which we disidentify ourselves.”